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I am a Software developer usually focusing on mobile development using Android SDK, Flutter, React Native and Swift.

Flutter is one of the hot and top topics out there. Many software developers have completely migrated their projects to Flutter. As Flutter can be used to create mobile applications, web apps, games and even desktop app from a single code base, it is becoming quite famous in every type of Software development communities.

Flutter is a UI framework that can be used to create cross-platform applications. It is a product of Google i.e. it clearly has a longer day to stay on Software development market. …

Flutter is one of the best Application development tool right now. It has every things that an Application developer need. Moreover it is cross platform i.e. you can create application for Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc from a single code base.

But sometimes we may come upon a situation where the best also fails to give result as expected. In Flutter, Many of the starters face the “Gray Screen” issue. This issue can cause a headache to developer because the fully functional Flutter app in debug mode starts to show gray screen in release mode. …

Sulav Parajuli

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