Is Flutter worth learning on 2021?

Flutter is one of the hot and top topics out there. Many software developers have completely migrated their projects to Flutter. As Flutter can be used to create mobile applications, web apps, games and even desktop app from a single code base, it is becoming quite famous in every type of Software development communities.

Flutter is a UI framework that can be used to create cross-platform applications. It is a product of Google i.e. it clearly has a longer day to stay on Software development market. If you have worked with Android SDK or Swift already then you will be amazed on how easy working with Flutter is!

Flutter is surely and always will be worth learning. Its approach of declarative UI makes it really easy for any type of vast UI designs. So if you are coming from Android SDK side, you may be familiar with List Views and its Adapters and how lengthy is it to make a simple list in Android. But In case of flutter, the same list can be created in just a few line.

itemCount: items.length,
itemBuilder: (context, index) {
return ListTile(
title: Text('${items[index]}'),

The above example code is used to make a List in Flutter that is similar to RecyclerView in Android.

If you are a freelancer and want to earn some money out of programing then Flutter is the best choice to you. You can create any type of UI with it. And the main thing is that it is based upon Dart programming language which is easier to learn and its syntax are similar to C.

So that was all from a developer perspective about Flutter. See you all again in another blog.




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